University of Bydgoszcz

Introduction by The Rector

University of Bydgoszcz is a private higher education institution that has been established in 2004 in accordance with the permission of Ministry of Science and Higher Education (doc. No. MEN-DSW-3-4001-731/JG/04).

Choosing to take up study is a major investment for our students and their future personal career. We understand the many various reasons why people undertake efforts towards improving their skills and raising level of their knowledge that is a major stimulant for creating of our learning environment, infrastructure and reputation. Students are part of our community and working together with our staff to achieve successful future and satisfaction to their professional and personal lives. We are passionate about the contribution students make to our society. Study in our University can offer the opportunity to develop new professional skills or even change career path. Our University provides a range of services to support disabled students (alternative examination arrangements, adapted infrastructure – elevator, wide corridors, adapted rooms) and we are aware of their individual requirements.

We have very friendly and skilled tutors and lecturers who are passionate about the subjects they teach. Employers are seeking graduates who have not only a high level of professional knowledge and skills but also social skills, confidence and personal accomplishments to support their activity in the field of future workplaces therefore we support sport and recreational activity also in our own facility named Bachorze placed not far away from Bydgoszcz city in beautiful region among forests and lakes.

One of the major objectives of our efforts is to develop international co-operation with famous universities and colleges in the fields of education and research as well as establish mutual programs and projects. We want to give our and foreign students more possibility and opportunity for their personal development and professional satisfaction. Therefore our ambitious internationalisation program was launched at the beginning of 2007. Our students can have confidence in the quality of our courses – our success is demonstrated by the success of our graduates.

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