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Bydgoszcz City

Bydgoszcz is the capital city of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province and is the key junction of the E-70 international water route including rivers connecting Eastern and Western Europe. Situated between forests and lakes Bydgoszcz is excellent gateway to an exciting range of outdoor pursuits. City is placed in the north-central part of Poland and have above 360 thousands of inhabitants. The city is an important economic and cultural centre. Companies operating in different sectors, but particularly in tele­communication, chemical, plastic processing, food, logistics and renewable energy industries. Also Bydgoszcz with near 30 banks is a key financial centre of Poland.

Forest Culture and Leisure Park (The Polish Fauna Garden, The Botanical Garden, Horse Leisure Centre) is located in the northern part of the city. Its attractiveness includes the vast area, diversified terrain, richness of nature and a wide range of leisure facilities. Horse Leisure Centre was established in 1982 and includes hippodrome, paddocks, horse runs and a carriage house. The citizens of Bydgoszcz proudly participate in many cultural and sport events such as music festivals, European Junior Championship, World Youth Championship and many others.

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